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Ketamine is a well-known hydrochloride anesthetic, which acts rather quickly once injected intravenously. It has potential to initiate the occurrence of an anesthetic state whose main manifestations are increase in muscle tone, boosting of cardiovascular and respiratory systems and in some cases heightened respiratory related depression. When injected intravenously, the solution concentration goes through a rise-stage (alpha phase) and the general effect duration is round 45 minutes, with half-life on 10-15 minutes mark. The initial state, known as the anesthetic state, discontinues brain’s association pathways in a finicky manner, prior to bringing about the somesthetic blockage of the sensory centers. One of the occurrences that takes place quickly after injecting ketamine is the rise in blood pressure, which returns to its normal levels about 15 minutes after the Ketamine injection action. For those who are concerned about its safety, according to the numerous studies done so far, it has been concluded that its safety margin is rather high.

Regarding its most frequent and most common areas of use, they are related to the transplantation of the skin in patients suffering from burns; neurodiagnostic procedures; operative procedures done on the eye, mouth, nose, ear, as well as on the larynx, pharynx and bronchial tree; minor anus and rectum surgical procedures and cases of circumcision; and gynecology related procedures such as curettage and dilatation. It is also used as an anesthetic in patients suffering from vital functions depression; in cardiac procedures.

Side Effects

Given the fact that all medicines and drugs have, to a greater or lesser degree, various side effects, that is the case with ketamine as well. Among the most frequent and common ones are distortion of vision, state of being perplexed, drowsiness, fluctuations in blood pressure and these related to the heart functioning. Sudden mood and mental swings, nausea followed by vomiting and even hellish dreams are also possible, but all these side effects actually fall in the group of those less serious ones, and those which are of fairly short duration. However, they should be treated immediately with appropriate therapies, which will be determined by your doctor, in order for them not to evolve in more severe conditions. In case the following happens to you when implementing ketamine, then it is essential and crucial for your wellbeing to seek immediate medical attention: alarming allergic reactions, swelling of different facial and body parts, inability to talk clearly, muscle strain, ache, soreness and redness, and swelling of the parts of the body where the ketamine was injected.

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