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The class of medicines to which Zestril belongs is called ACE inhibitors meaning that it is mostly used in the treatments of conditions related to heart and blood vessels. Some of the most common purposes of this medicine are to control hypertension or high blood pressure or more precisely to lower it, and to treat congestive heart failure but it is also used after a heart attack, in order to improve the survival rate and to increase the chances of the successful recovery. Unfortunately, it should be clear that Zestril is not a cure for any of these conditions. Just like the majority of the medicines from this class, Zestril also works by affecting the blood vessels and helping them to relax thus relieving the heart because it can pump out more blood to the rest of the body by using less effort.

Generally, this medicine is considered to be one of those which are safer and which are tolerated well. Speaking of its safety, it has to be mentioned that its use is allowed even in the cases of children. However, it does not mean that it can be taken without a medical prescription, because it cannot. The doctors are those who decide whether it should be used in a particular case or not, so, in order to make the right decision, the doctor will ask their patients about the health history and existence of certain other conditions such as liver or kidney disorder or disease, diabetes, allergies, or heart diseases. It is also important for him to know if the patient is about to have a surgery, or, in cases of women, if they plan pregnancy, if they are already pregnant, or if they have recently had a baby. These elements are important in order to reduce the possible side effects of this medicine, because they are much more likely to occur in such situations. What the doctor should also find out prior to prescribing Zestril is whether the patient is already on some other medicine, or even if they may be using vitamins and minerals, because it is not always safe to combine two medicines, since some may decrease the effectiveness of Zestril, thus causing serious complications.

According to the researches and statistical data, some of the symptoms that have been reported in more than 1 % of the cases are dizziness, body weakness and very low blood pressure, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, pain in the chest or in the stomach, infections of the upper respiratory, problems with kidneys and rash without an explanation. If any kind of swelling occurs, or any sign of an infection or allergic reaction, the doctor should be notified at once. In less then 1 % of the cases, side effects such as irregular heart rhythms, stroke, heart attack, diabetes and memory problems have been reported.

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