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The right time and choice

All the talks about thinking it through well before you get yourself into such a venture are in this case more than true. And this is one, if not, the most important decision you are going to make in your entire life. The talk here is of course of becoming a mom. Once this is settled and you do give a birth to a baby, this is not the end stop for you regarding the activities and precautionary measures you need to take to ensure your baby a healthy post natal period and ultimately a healthy life.

To breastfeed or not, that is the question?

What has begun inside your belly, and what has been happening is a nourishing process that has its natural cycles. Namely, after having “raised” your baby in a “in vitro” environment, the next big decision is whether you should decide upon breast feeding your baby or for some other feeding method. The fact that for those moms who have given their first child birth, the following couple of weeks spent breastfeeding can prove to be a bit more complicated than they are for those moms who have already had experience with this. One important thing that all former moms should have in mind is that, as the time goes by, it gets only easier and less troublesome. After a while, moms will come to realize that breast feeding is actually more rewarding and praise worthy than it is awkward and undesirable. One of the strongest arguments is most certainly that this initial periods spent with your baby, the bonding, is priceless.

Possible side effects

Some of the occurring side effects may make a mom change her mind and opt for another method (e.g. formula). But this should be mom’s very last resort. Certain number of moms may even complain about the state of their nipples due to opting for breastfeeding – dryness and soreness. But these can be fairly easily healed (use of Vaseline for example) and that is the most important thing. Why mom’s milk should always be the first choice is that the milk that a woman’s body produces is exactly the perfect one for the child’s needs. And most of all, it is especially formed to perfectly fit a baby in question. For each baby that is born next, woman’s body produces a specific type of milk. This is, of course, one of the ways nature exhibits its influence over us, and does so in a positive manner.

Other, fairly awkward thing is the public character of breastfeeding. Fortunately, that can all be surpassed by simply taking with you a small towel or even a blanket and cover your baby while breastfeeding. Despite the fact that many moms will find this rather unpleasant and even scary at the beginning, in time and with some practice, this feeling simply goes away. In order to quicken the adaptation period, you can have a go first at the comfort of your home, and thus boost your confidence and ward off the pangs of awkwardness in public.

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