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Baby or a child can be fed with milk via a bottle ordirectly from the breasts of a female and this process is called breastfeeding.Period of breastfeeding lasts for six months, or it can even take longer. Babiesare able to suck and swallow milk due to the sucking reflex. Human babies willbenefit from the breast milk more than any other milk. But if a mother hasuntreated tuberculosis, HIV, T-lymphotropic virus or uses drugs, the milk maynot be that healthy. Breastfeeding will reduce the costs (both feeding andhealth care costs), prevent diseases and promote heath. Some disagreements aboutthe use of artificial formulas and the length of breastfeeding are presenttoday, but everybody agrees that the breast milk is the most beneficial, thusmaking breastfeeding beneficial as well. One of the problems a woman can comeacross when breastfeeding, is feeding in public and there is a product that canhelp you in this situation. It is called breastfeeding top and it can make youlook stylish as well. It will make the process of breastfeeding much easier.

Main Features

Lycra is used mostly for the production of the breastfeedingtops and so they are very elastic and can be stretched, but the shape and stylewill not be altered. They will provide cover when breastfeeding due to thepresence of a overlapping fabric. Layering principle is something most tops ofthis kind have. The covering will be provided since there’s an opening for thebreasts but the back and the stomach will be covered once the upper layer of thetop is lifted. Also, these tops can be easily washed in cold water, while hotwater should not be used.


You can be fashionable, comfortable and discrete with thebreastfeeding tops. They come in a vast array of shapes, so you can get a topwith long sleeves, short sleeves, three-fourth sleeves, sleeveless or someother kind. Also, colors and fabrics used for the production come in a vastselection, along with styles and neck patterns. You can get a top with a scoopneck, which is placed low on the chest and this will provide easier access forthe baby. There are also stylishtops with modesty panel located beneath.

The choice is simply enormous so if you are going to a fancydress ball or if you are looking for something casual, you will find abreastfeeding top that suits you. You can change them depending on thelocation and occasion. Regardless of the occasion, youwill surely be able to find a breastfeeding top that will fit your needs.

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