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We will talk about an issue on whether to pop a blister or not. These blisters can cause a lot of problems. They are not advised to be popped, but sometimes this is the only solution. They can be painful, but sometimes the pain may be increased when they are popped. In the more serious cases, the consultation with the professional is needed. This is a much better solution than popping the blister at home.

The Effects of Popping a Blister

The blisters can be located on many diverse locations. When they are in a location like feet, then they have to be popped. The blisters may be created due to the shoes, so if this happens, pop the blister and get more comfortable shoes. Still, popping a blister may turn to be a mistake because when the blister is popped, the skin cannot protect the body from infection. This gives more chances for catching an infection, especially if you are a diabetic. So, be very careful if you decide to pop the blister. The blister should be popped only if it causes great problems and interferes with your life. In other cases, it is not advised to do it since it increases the chances of getting an infection, which is why it is best to just leave it alone and it will heal on its own.

Proper Blister Popping

If you have decided that popping a blister is the only solution, we will give you several tips on how to do this and avoid further damage. Take a sterilized needle, or you can sterilize it in the boiling water, with rubbing alcohol or by holding it over the flame. Before holding the needle, use antibacterial soap and wash your hands. This will reduce the chances of spreading the infection. The needle will have to be placed horizontally over the skin of the blister. Next, when the hole appears, put some pressure on it and the fluid beneath the blister will be able to release. The pus will also be removed.

When the fluid and the pus are gone, use a paper towel and wipe the location. Antibiotic ointment should be applied after the wiping, because it will eliminate the possibility of spreading the infections. Put some gauze or bandage on the blister and clean it two times during one day. Throw away the needle when done, along with other used items. Also do not forget to wash your hands. At the end, we can advise you never to pop a blister. But, if you think the blister must be popped, seek medical help. If you decide to pop it at your home, try to follow the tips given in order to reduce the chance of getting an infection.

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