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Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis causes the most peculiar types of foot-pain. Obviously, the pain is worse with the overweight and the unathletic types.

Treatments of such inconveniences may vary from ones as simple as merely resting all the way to surgery. Whatever the case may be, a patient ought to consult one's physician regardless the pain, and the physician will most likely advise one or all of the following:

an anti-inflammatory medicament

weight loss (if the person is overweight to such an extent that it is causing him or her pain)

plantar fasciitis shoes.

Basically, these are just normal shoes with a slightly modified design. The modifications include:

a special heel, and

arch support insoles.

The two design elements combined help control the wearer's motions in such a way that there is less stress applied around the plantar area.

While shopping for these shoes, it is – most importantly – advised to look for a model with a solid heel support and motion control. Not to sound like an advert, but it is also useful to know that the New Balance and Brooks shoe brands meet the most of the necessary requirements.

Special plantar fasciitis shoes come designed for all the possible cases of use as "regular ones":

running shoes

dress shoes

basketball shoes

and even flip flops, too.

Apart from special shoes, there is a number of side treatments available, as well. These may involve the use of:

orthotics which are designed for the specific foot

massage and physical therapy, as means of stretching the calf muscles, and

surgery – as the last resort.

Even though surgery does not come with any guarantees, yet is somewhat risky (may cause permanent nerve damage and infections), it may be necessary to take a chance and undergo the procedure after all – because sometimes the pain is just too much. Another negative effect of surgery would be that it may damage the plantar fascia as well, and thus, instead of relieving the patient of some pain, cause further pain instead.

It cannot be stressed enough that the wear of appropriate footwear is, ultimately, the key to avoiding a surgical procedure. For some people this goes without saying, since the pain is so excruciating that they wouldn't be able to carry on with their daily tasks without them.

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