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Being a pathological liar means living life suffering from a mental disorder. These people almost never speak the truth. Rather, they use lies for manipulating others and for personal gain. Therefore, living with them is not easy as well. For these reasons, pathological liars are best to be treated adequately as soon as possible. However, before this can possibly happen, you need to explain the necessity of treatment to the pathological liar who made you search for answers in this very article. The lines below will give you some advice on how to persuade a pathological liar to seek proper treatment.

How Can You Help a Pathological Liar?

Most pathological liars are very good at what they do. In fact, they lie so well that they deceive even themselves. They choose lies over reality due to some other problems they might be facing. Nevertheless, you need to notice when these lie experts are not telling the truth and realize that they are suffering from a type of mental illness.

The Diagnosis

In order to see through a pathological liar's lies, you need to pay close attention to the symptoms. Pathological liars lie all the time and usually have problems with the consistency of their false reality. Suffering from certain self-confidence issues, these people reinvent themselves, telling lies about their past and current experiences and achievements, presenting themselves as the best. Therefore, listen to stories, and watch for repeating patterns, or changed characters, since this might be a sign.

The Confrontation

In order to prove a pathological liar to be wrong, you need all the evidence you can get. Remember the non-matching details from their stories and confront pathological liars with all this evidence backing up your arguments. Still, know that they are bound to behave defensively. Thus, avoid blaming them or being too harsh. Rather, use patience and tolerance, explaining how their lies are affecting the people around them negatively. Pathological liars may need support and attention. So, a calmer approach is the better one.

The Treatment

Once you manage to persuade the pathological liar you know to seek proper medical treatment, he/she will need to undergo certain diagnostic tests. Once the mental illness has been pinpointed, the person will be prescribed the best treatment for the problem. Possible treatments involve psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as medications and counseling. Still, for any serious progress to be made, the pathological liar must desire to change him/herself. Thus, he/she may need all the support he/she can get.

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