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Self-defense stands for a crucial set of skills you need to know in order to protect yourself. You need to stay confident and alert enough to react properly whenever attacked. However, there are certain factors you need to take into consideration when indulging into self-defense techniques and tactics. For example, even the greatest karate masters will advise you to run whenever you face more than a single opponent. Thus, not all lies in strength and physical fitness used for fighting.

Tactics vs Techniques

Self-defense is commonly directed to females since they are more frequently attacked due to their physical weakness when compared to men. However, men are also targets of muggers and other criminals and they too can benefit from knowing certain tactics and techniques of self-defense. Keep in mind that for using tactics you do not need any special knowledge, while techniques you need to master in order to use them.

Self-Defense Tactics

First and foremost, do not be afraid. Fear will allow the attacker to boost his/her confidence and attack you with more ease. Channel your fear into anticipation and concentration, showing the attacker that you are prepared to fight in order to protect yourself.

Next, be alert whenever you are walking down some unknown neighborhoods or facing unknown people on your way. You never know how many bad things may happen, so make sure you predict as many as possible.

Also, when confronted, you need to stay confident, however difficult this might sound. You need to stand your ground and let the attacker know that you are not backing down or allowing any harm to be done to you. This may seem hard and you might need to fake the confidence. Nevertheless, do it, use the authoritative tone, do not quiver and stay confident.

Keep in mind that the last step you wish to take is giving up and making yourself an easy target. You need to get out of such a situation as a winner and you need to do whatever you can in order to make this possible.

Finally, especially when girls are concerned, never leave house without pepper spray since you never know when your safety will depend on this self-defense tool.

Techniques for Self-Defense

If someone attacks you from the back, kick him in the knee, disrupting his/her balance and allowing yourself some time to either run or plan the next move. Girls should always go for the groin, kicking it as hard as they can, crippling the attacker. Otherwise, keep your hands up and block any blows, aiming for weak spots in between.

Finally, remember that you can use your elbows and palms, as well as many other body parts for self-defense too. Practice on a dummy or act out some situations with a friend, knowing how to react should the occasion arise.

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