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Roundworms are parasites which enter the human body through the mouth or the skin, ending up in the intestine where there feed on the food of their host. Alternatively, a roundworm infection can take place in some other organs, which is a more dangerous variant. There are many types of roundworms and some of them live in soil all of their lives. However, through poor hygiene mostly, these get into contact with humans and enter their body, causing numerous health problems later. The most common roundworm found in humans is Ascaris lumbricoides.

The Infection

The above mentioned roundworm can be up to 14 inches long. People get infected by swallowing its eggs, which reach the intestine and evolve into larvae capable of attacking one's liver, brain and other organs. When these roundworms infest the lungs, they trigger breathing difficulties, coughing, chest pain and many other problems. From the lungs, the worms reach the back of the mouth where they go back into the intestine to lay more eggs. If this kind of infestation lasts for too long, it can lead to stomach pain, cramps, nausea and may also cause intestinal blockage or rupture.

Enterobius vermicularis is another kind of roundworm, commonly known as pinworm due to the thread like body structure. These parasites usually infect human intestine and rectal area and are most commonly found in children. Thus, one of the main signs of pinworms is itchy anus, culminating during the night. Cramps and fever are possible as well.

Whipworms are yet another type of roundworms, attaching their eggs to the wall of human intestine. When the infestation of these parasites goes out of hand, abdominal pain, bloody stool, diarrhea and weight loss are the most common signs which occur in adults. In children, on the other hand, these roundworms manifest through anemia, developmental retardation and rectal prolapse.

Hookworms can enter the human body through the skin, usually while people are walking over infected grounds without adequate protection. Once they pass the skin, they enter the bloodstream and try to find the lungs where they work their way up to the throat and into the intestine. Sometimes, even roundworms which are found in cats and dogs can enter human bodies. Unfortunately, there are numerous other types of roundworms which can affect people negatively.

The Treatment

Once you seek medical assistance, you will have your roundworm problem treated with either medications or through surgery. The latter is a more thorough and precise solution. Changing your nutrition can help greatly and many people claim how garlic, cloves, cinnamon, turmeric, olive leaves and many other herbs can help you get rid of roundworms. Nevertheless, maintaining proper hygiene is crucial and is the best form of prevention.

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