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Pinworms are a type of human digestive tract parasite. Pinworms are widespread throughout the planet and they appear with children in school.

In adult phase pinworms are only 0.5 inch long and they are alike white, small filament,but pinworms eggs are microscopic.
In most cases of pinworms infections, infection itself, starts with swallowing the eggs of pinworms. Something like this can happen when someone with pinworm infection rubs the rectum and by doing it eggs get on the hands, under the nails, and after that by touching other people or things, eggs are spread to other places, which are then touched by others. After that eggs can be spread all over the place or even in food. Then people eat eggs enter the stomach and infection starts and we have eggs on rectum again.
In the night time female worm slinks out and lays the eggs all around the rectum. It takes about four to six weeks from pinworm eggs to become worms. As the motion of worms during laying eggs are circuitous and winding which can cause itching.
If one person in a group of people has the infection, there is the very big possibility that the other have it too. Infection itself is not related to hygiene and everyone can be infected. Expanding of pinworms is very usual in kinder-gardens, schools, and everywhere where there are a lot of people together.
A lot of people are not aware of having this infection because there are no symptoms, but the main symptom is the itching, which sometimes, but rarely brings bad sleep, no wish for food and nervousness.
This infection is not dangerous for peoples health, they do not bring any disease but sometimes the scratching may make the skin iritation.
There will be no infection symptoms one to two months long, which is the time from the start of the infection to the first sign of the infection of pinworm. The doctor will diagnose the illness by checking the skin around the rectum and taking a sample by using a sticky tape and hi'll look for the eggs under a microscope.
You can bye medicine with or without a prescription to threat this infection and stop the danger of spreading it.
Washing your hands carefully, avoiding scratching, keeping your fingernails short, washing clothes and changing underwear every day will prevent further infection.
All the members of the family should take medicine. To stop the reinfection of the members of one household you should wash hands often, of all the members, the best time for it is before eating and preparing the food, after using the toilet. It is good to rub the hands and nails with a brush for one minute. As the itching is the strongest at night, the way to control scratching is to wear gloves.
It is better to take a shower than a bath because of impossibility of the eggs to enter in to your mouth from water. It is significant to stop increasing the infection in the group of people where there are little children or pregnant women because of impossibility of taking medicine.

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