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Procedure revealed

The process inquestion is based in and characterized by the creation of a social being that sharesexactly the same DNA as that which served as an “original”. Given its stillhumane basis, it is primarily aimed at remedying various ailments by way ofacquiring stem cells. And this is regarded as its most prominent purpose, whichis contrary not only to what the greatest majority of the public thinks, butalso to some of the claims made by the forefathers of cloning. But given thefact that cloning is still in its rather developmental stage, years will certainlygo by before it can achieve such a levels so as to fulfill its initial purpose.

Potential risks

Despite the fact thatquite a lot of people see in cloning their way out of illnesses and otherailments that tend to befall people on regular basis, all should be aware thatthis process carries with it various undesirable side effects and possible quiteserious risks. Some of the most prominent ones include:

Lack of efficiency – perhaps thenumber one downside of this process. One of the ways that is known to enablethe cloning process as such is known as Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer. Another factthat is well known to many specialists is that this has proven to be quiteineffective in the greatest majority of cases. This is influenced by numerous reasons such as unsuccessful maternity, possibility of incompatibility between thetransferred nucleus and the enucleated egg, lack of proper and acceptabledevelopment of the egg containing the newly transferred nucleus, as well as therisk of failure once the embryo had been implanted in the foster mother. The failure rates inquestion have been revealed to amount to 97 to 99.9% at certain times. A conclusionthat can be deduced from all the above said is that, according to the results,there is just too much ado about nothing.Unnatural cistron patterns – in spiteof the fact that clones are known to look exactly alike, one of the fairly seriousconcerns is that the proper cistron (i.e. a gene) will be expressed at thatdesignated moment in time.Growth related hindrances – in termsof the life span, it has been discovered that the one of the clones is much moredifferent, that is much shorter than that of the “originals”. Another minusside is that there have been reports that state that animals cloned do tend tohave organs larger than normal – condition in question is known underthe name of “Large Offspring Syndrome”.

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