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Crippling Stress

When we are under a lot of stress, we may start to twitch with an eye, stutter, have neck or head ache, leg pain, and many other problems. So, we will try to give you some information about this problem, which may prove to be useful and maybe prevent the future muscle pain. The stress can sometime be so strong that it can cripple the body. So, it is natural that you would like to avoid this situation. The stress can affect the life of an individual, and this can be seen in the three case studies that have been performed and that we will present to you. A person named Joe was traveling to the New York to attend a job interview. The problem arose when he reached his destination. The hands were clenched to the wheel and he wasn't able to walk because of the clenched muscles. Other guy, named Jim, had a problem because of the relationship between his wife and his mother, so eye twitching started to appear. Tom developed a lazy tongue because his wife had left him, whereas stuttering was a problem that Larry developed because of his over-controlling father. He disobeyed a father's order and when the father insulted him, he started to stutter. The problem persisted for two months. These are just several examples on how strong an effect of stress can be. The muscles can be affected and this will probably lead in some cases towards the muscle crippling. The stressor is a situation that causes the stress. The stressor in Joe's situation is the interview. Problems like the ones Tom and Larry had lead to stuttering and lazy tongue, while muscle twitching can be caused by a situation that Jim was in. This problem can be great since the pain can sometimes be great. The musculature has to be contorted, since this is the only problem that can be eliminated if a person does not have any disease.


There are exercises a person can do to relieve the stress. First, try to deal with self-worth problems, use more specific stress management techniques, abdominal breathing techniques, relax and tense specific groups of muscles during the day. The severity of the problem will determine the number of repetitions during the day. Exercise looks like this. Tense one certain group of muscles while keeping other relaxed, tense it and hold for several seconds, release the tension and remember that you need to say to yourself that you like the relaxed state more. For the muscle sequence, put your right hand in a fist and then the left one. Tense the forearm by pushing the chair arm with the right hand and do the same for the left arm also. Then lift the shoulders high and tense the neck by pushing the chair head. After this, scrunch the facial muscles and tense the forehead. Then back need to be arched. A deep breath will follow this and then release the air through the abdomen. For the end, tense the buttocks, then left leg, and at the end left foot. These are several exercises that can help with the problem. They need to be performed for twenty minutes every day and the results will surely come. The problem may be controlled.

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