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Stress and anxiety are common problems in the modern world. The exact cause of frustration, anger and anxious feelings typically varies from one person to another but the one thing that remains the same in all these cases is the unease and distress that affects almost every aspect of sufferer’s life. Stress is very normal thing and one of the plenty natural mechanisms that can even motivate a person to act more aggressively and promptly in various situations. However, stress can often be counterproductive and often lead to poor health, various physical and psychological ailments, depression, heart disease, problems with hypertension, and even unhealthy behaviors such as overeating and abuse of intoxicating substances. When the stress and anxiety are excessive, it becomes very much important to try to control them and prevent hazardous consequences. Here are some good solutions — relaxation techniques for anxiety — to reduce stress and anxiety.


It may come as a surprise, but breathing is everyone’s best friend. Whenever one needs a bit of relaxation and something to relieve stress, the breath is there to bring a relief. Breathing deeply from the diaphragm delivers a lot of oxygen into the blood, sooths the mind and helps to relax almost instantly. It is important to breathe through the nose and exhale slowly after holding a breath for a moment.Meditation

Simple and short visualizing meditation is found highly effective in reducing stress. This is something one can practice in most of the situations. A short meditative routine is performed with the eyes closed, taking deep slow breaths through the nose. One should imagine relaxing landscapes and focus on the sounds, smells and sights until the body feels completely relaxed and the mind finds peace.


Massage is not only relaxing but also health beneficial on many different levels. It increases circulation, promotes good night sleep and leaves a person feeling calm and relaxed. Self-massage is also an easy option to complete this daily relaxing routine. One can use own hands and simply massage the palm of one hand with the thumb of the other.


Affirmations are one of the best ways to shift from negative thinking to more positive attitude towards the world. It is recommended to choose a short, clear and positive statement and use it as a personal mantra. Whenever one feels like stress and anxiety are kicking in, it is recommended to repeat the affirmation at least ten times and focus on the feeling of calmness and power it delivers.

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