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Why are these teeth troublesome?

Wisdom teeth may cause a lot of trouble both, before and after taking them out. Those are the teeth which grow in the second or the third decade of life and they emerge all the way back in the jaw and cause the problems since they are, in fact, unnecessary. They are likely to cause the pain and swelling, especially, in the cases of the impacted teeth, and that is why they should be extracted as soon as possible. One of the major problems is that the swelling is usually present after the surgical intervention of the extraction of the wisdom teeth, while some individuals don’t have the problems with them at all.

The remaining of the swollen tissue is so common problem, since it is caused mostly by the inappropriate position of the wisdom teeth, and the process of taking them out itself. So, the first thing to do about this swelling and the pain is to stay away from the harmful substances, such as the tar and nicotine from the cigarettes or dirty fingers, for example. The treatment

After realizing how important is the oral hygiene and after taking some actions about it, when it comes to the recovery treatment, it is mainly focused on lessening the swelling and managing the ache, naturally. The good old ice is the most popular remedy for minimizing these symptoms, but it should be wrapped into some sterile cloth before it is placed over the affected spot, or over the outside of the mouth (on the place of the pain).

Also, for the same purpose of decreasing the sensitivity of the tissue, the irrigation of the mouth by cool water is very beneficial. It is also good to mention that the ice and cold water could be substituted with a pack of the frozen vegetables (which are of the same form as the grounded ice, and which that way imitates the ice) or with the special cushions that are designed to cool down the swollen tissue (and which are available in pharmacies to be bought over the counter).

So, mentioned above were the remedies focused mainly on lessening of the swelling, but, as far as the pain is concerned, it is much more unpredictable and harder to be minimized. That is why in most of the cases the help of the prescribed medications is needed. Also, sometimes the swelling is more severe and, that is when the antibiotic drugs should be taken additionally, or to be more precise, as the basis of the treatment.

Also, after taking out these teeth, it is necessary to stay away from the sharply edged foods, the hard toothbrushes, straws and similar, in order to avoid some further damage.

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