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Wisdom teeth are those teeth which grows all the way back in the jaw. They usually grow between the 17th and the 25th years of age and they are considered as unnecessary since the process of chewing occurs in the front part of the jaw.

Besides being unnecessary they are also very painful when growing. So, because of that they should be either taken out or one could bear the pain. Of course, there are a lot of drugs that are designed to relieve this kind of pain and codeine is the medication that is prescribed in most of the cases. The solution that has the faster effect is the consumption of the previously mentioned drug along with Tylenol, for example.

Yet, there is another drug that is commonly taken in the combination with acetaminophen, and it is called Hydrocodone, but the side effect in that case is the urge for sleeping. And, finally, for very serious and unbearable pain, the stronger drugs can be prescribed, such as Oxycodone.

There are also the painkillers that are made in the form of gel and they are designed to be put on the gum. The most popular painkiller of this kind is Anbesol, and it provides a fast relief, too.

But, when it comes to the homemade remedies, there are a few helpful tips for reducing the pain and the swelling (if present). Some herbs such as the clove in the form of oil and the leaves of peppermint in the dry form, can reduce the pain very quickly. The both remedies should be put directly on the affected gum area, but the peppermint leaves must be applied for quarter an hour around 10 times a day.

Besides the herbs, one could put on the same area a little bit of cucumber that has been kept in the refrigerator previously. This vegetable is also beneficial because it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins that are necessary for gums. The fresh mixture of salt and garlic is an effective remedy, too, especially because garlic is the natural antiseptic. It should be put on the wisdom tooth and chewed for a quarter of an hour.

The simplest remedies are applying the ice on the area, massaging the affected gum and gargling the solution of water and salt (in order to irrigate the back of the jaw). In the group of the simplest remedies also belongs putting the bag of the black tea directly on the area of the wisdom teeth in order to decrease the amount of swelling.

And, finally one should stay away from spicy and hot meals. Also, the sweets can only complicate the problem.

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