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Taking a closer look to the wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the ones that are placed all the way back into the jaw and they tend to start to grow in the second or third decade of life. They are completely unnecessary and can only cause the troubles. That is why, in the most of the cases, they should be removed, but, on the other hand, there are a lot of people who aren’t even aware of the growth of their teeth and who do not experience that constant and intense pain, as the most prominent following problem of this process.

However, sometimes the surgical intervention of the extraction of these teeth is advisable as the prevention in the cases of the impacted wisdom teeth, that is, of the teeth which tend to grow into the jaw. This happens as the common consequence of not having enough room in the jaw to accommodate these additional teeth.

How to deal with the pain the best way?

Nevertheless, the pain felt on the place these teeth should emerge is the good reason to have them removed, and the sooner, the better. Besides that, the wisdom teeth are more prone to corrupt and decay, mostly because of the poor dental hygiene, or to be more exact, of the not enough detailed process of brushing them, for instance.

As far as the treatment is concerned, the better option is to undergo one painful procedure of the teeth removal than to suffer from the pain which occurs from time to time and which is rather dull. Also, the anaesthesia could be included into the process. It may sound as a prejudice, but it is advisable to have the stronger dentist to remove the teeth, so that the extraction could last shorter. At this point, it is also important to mention that this procedure often lasts around one hour. And, it is important to be both, physically and psychologically prepared for such the intervention, since a lot of bleeding will be included, too.

So, after the intervention of the wisdom teeth removal, not only the wounds are going to ache, but also the jaw, since it has been opened for rather a long period of time. For lessening the pain after the extraction, it is advisable to use the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and one of the most effective from this group is the medication called Advil. The ice also could be held over the painful spot, and the mouth could be irrigated with the salt diluted into the water.

Anyway, there will be no problems when chewing, but, the wounds could be damaged by the action of sucking something.

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