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Wisdom teeth have nothing to do with wisdom really. They got that name because they grow much later than the rest of our teeth, in the late teens or early 20\'s, when supposedly we become wiser and wiser. The procedure of removing wisdom teeth is not that big issue, as the recovery after the removing. They are called the third molars. Molars are teeth that we use for grinding our food. However, wisdom teeth rarely assist us in chewing. They often grow only half of the way making our gums irritated and painful; they disturb the alignment of the rest of the teeth, and often after bursting get misaligned. If such a problem occurs, it should be dealth with immediately. Since they cause problems more often than not, it is recommended to remove them as soon as the problem appears. Since they are bigger then other teeth and are deeply rooted they are more complicated to remove in comparing to the rest of our teeth. More complicated means more painful afterward, (during the procedure you won’t feel a thing, due to anesthesia) because they are so deeply rooted.

After the removing of a tooth, bleeding will continue for some time. It is important that you do not remove the cotton swab, because it helps with blood clotting. Food wise, there is some good news-one can get to eat a lot of ice-cream. Avoid any hard or hot food. 48 hours after operation try to talk as little as possible, the jaw movements will be painful. Try to control your instincts to spit and gargle for the first 24 hours, because you may start to bleed again. After twelve hours, the anesthesia will wear out. Once that happens, you will start to feel pain, but lessened in intensity, since 12 hours have passed from removal. It is a good idea to drink only cold or cooled liquids for the next two days. Take your painkillers and antibiotics as prescribed by your dentist, and after 48 hours start to gargle the salt water on a regular basis, in order to stop infections. When two days have passed, you may start eating regular food. Exercise the jaw before eating, slowly and cautiously, because it will be painful in the beginning. After some time, the pain will slowly diminish, and the sense of enormous relief will sweep you off your feet. Due to all the problems during the recovery, it is wise to have your wisdom teeth removed just before the weekend, so the person has enough time to adequately recover.

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