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Just like every other surgery, the rotator cuff operation does require post-operative recovery. It consists of five stages andit lasts for six months. The following text will discuss all of these fivestages, and maybe we will provide some help to those in need.

Every condition of the cuff which needs to beoperated is different. So, there is no universal procedure, but patients aregenerally allowed to leave the hospital the next day. However, there are manyserious cases which may require even several months of rehabilitation. When therecovery is completed, patients will gain full arm functionality. The treatmentstarts with medications, goes on to cutting, removing the scar tissue and endswith the bone and tendon joining. Here, we will discuss every stage moremeticulously. At the beginning, we have the first stage in which the pain hasto be controlled. For this, medications such as Demerol and morphine are used.These medications will have to be consumed for two weeks, after which aperiod of taking analgesics follows . Hydrocodone or Tylenol together with codone can betaken in a capsule form. Some side effects to analgesics are possible, but thesurgery is very dependent on the good pain control. It means that you will probablyhave to overcome nausea, drowsiness, constipation or bradycardia, in order tohave a proper cuff surgery. For the pain, you can also apply ice pack on theaching place. Good advice is to use painkiller when the pain starts and not totake larger doses when the pain becomes worse. In the stage two, your doctor willshow you a technique to move the shoulder but not the cuff. You will need toperform this up to 6 weeks, depending on the injury. While in stage 2 you arenot supposed to move the arm against resistance. You will have to do that instage 3. Stage 3 will take approximately 12 weeks. When the cuff isn'tproducing any problems, and when it seems to have healed, you can perform anyactivity. This will help you strengthen the cuff. The duration of stage 5depends on many factors, such are patient's determination to recover, state ofthe body, cuff tear size and others. The patient will probably feel when he shouldmove to the next stage. As any other recovery, following the specialist'sadvice is very important. Only by accomplishing that, you may hope for asuccessful recovery. At the end, we will mention that the costs of this operationare in the range of 12,000 to 13,000 dollars.

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