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A pinched nerve is a condition in which a nerve is squeezed and a patient can feel pain in the affected area. The affected area is sometimes swollen. In the most cases a pinched nerve is in the spine, elbow or wrist. This condition can be very painful and sometimes it takes a lot of time to heal. It can be a consequence of an inflammation or injury.

Easing the pain is the main goal of the treatment. Sometimes only rest is enough but in some cases further treatment is necessary. It is important for the patient to find out how to sit and stand properly and how to lift in such way in order not to worsen the condition. Beside plenty of rest it is also important to eat healthy and drink enough fluid (around eight cups of liquid every day). On the other hand, staying completely inactive can cause slower circulation. This is bad for the overall health condition because normal circulation is very important for the proper function of the heart and muscles. You may feel exhausted and tired all the time, and also you may not be able to see or hear or even think properly.

The best treatment for the pinched nerve is to use ice on the painful area. Ice will help the blood flow and if there is a swelling. If you are using ice, be careful not to damage the skin. You can hold the ice for five minutes and in two hours repeat the process again. Make sure that you stay away from any sources of heat because it can make your condition worse. Try to avoid hot baths and saunas. Anti-inflammatory medications can be helpful for the pinched nerve, but be aware of their side-effects which can make damage to your kidneys, eyes or stomach. If you decide to take these drugs make sure to check with your doctor first. Physical therapy and massage are the natural ways to help your muscles to relax.

Drugs that help the muscles to relax are also useful but they can make you feel sleepy and tired. Such drugs affect the central nerve system so ensure you do not drive a car while using these drugs. Narcotics have the similar effect and take them only if you must make some kind physical effort. If the pain is unbearable you can ask your doctor to give you steroid injection. Lastly, if nothing can help you get rid of the pain, you should consider surgery. Even after the pinched nerve is surgically removed, you have to make sure you improved blood supply and circulation.

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