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If you have been one of the unfortunate ones to have suffered with a pinched nerve then you understand the agony and the annoyance of them. Some people experience an ongoing numbness others will feel short sharp twangs of pains when standing or going up stairs.

What are Nerves

Nerves can be found throughout the entire body, they are what basically control the body through carrying messages from and to the brain. Imagine they are like cords full of electricity. There are different types of nerves, some are known as motor nerves these are what take the messages from the brain. For example they are what make your muscles move, they control voice speaking, brushing your hair, they make your heart beat quicker. The other type of nerve is called a sensory nerve and they do the exact opposite. Their job is to take messages from the body back to the brain, for example if you stub your toe the sensory nerve in your toe will immediately send information to the brain saying to you that it hurts. So if a nerve becomes trapped or pinched, then the signal that goes to or from the brain on that particular nerve gets stopped.

What is the Cause of a Pinched Nerve

If a person has had a direct pressure to a certain point on their body it may then cause a pinched nerve thus preventing signals being sent.Laminotomy Surgery for a Pinched Nerve

A laminotomy is as minimally invasive as it gets, the surgeon uses an endoscopic advance. Basically the surgeon does this procedure by taking away the pressure from the canal of the spine and when this is done it will allow more space. Sometimes the ligament in the spine gets very large and this ligament can cause a nerve to be trapped and the surgeon can relieve the pressure by simply removing the ligament.Foraminotomy Surgery for a Pinched Nerve

This is again a short, easy procedure and is performed when the intervertebral foramen squashes the nerve. This surgery will help to take away the pressure by giving more space to the affected area.

The roots of the nerves get compressed because of many reasons perhaps an injury you have sustained, or scar tissue that has built up, or an injury to the discs in the spine, or even as mentioned before the ligament growing too large in the spine. All of these will cause excessive symptoms of having a trapped nerve.

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