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During a surgery called laparoscopic colon resection, a doctor has to make several small incisions. They need to be made no longer than half an inch and their number cannot be lower than five. The usual stay in the hospital after this operation is five to eight days. But several more days at home are needed. There are several other procedures connected with colon. The removal of the rectum and whole colon is named proctocolectomy. The recovery from such operations is diverse, but the usual time for the discharge from the hospital is a week, which is followed by several more weeks of the home recovery. Another operation we\'ll mention is large bowel resection. This operation can be very demanding for the patient and can produce a long recovery time after the process, but considerably shorter than the similar operations. This surgery is very difficult to perform for the doctors. The recovery time may take more then several months, which is a lot of time. Patients who go through this procedure, will lose approximately whole or sometimes even entire bowel. There is a more traditional operation which is sometimes used instead of laparoscopic colon resection. But this open surgery demands more recovery time and induces a much stronger pain. The recovery of any of the mentioned surgeries will produce pain. This pain is usually experienced in the morning. The feeling of tiredness is very common. But the effect of the treatment will probably be worth the pain and long recovery time. The bowel resection is used when a part of rectum or colon is affected by cancer. This cancer needs to come out, so the resection is performed. The operation consists of cutting out the cancer and joining the intersected parts of the colon. After the operation, a strict regime of nutrition is prescribed by the professional medical worker. The diet is also given before the bowel resection, and on the day of the operation, eating is prohibited. Appropriate diet after the resection will contribute to the faster recovery time. It is important to diagnose the problem in order to treat it properly. But if you are diagnosed with such condition, there is one interesting thing you can try in order to speed up the recovery. Patients can try chewing gum. By doing this, patients can eliminate a portion of sigmoid colon caused by the cancer. The time for recovery also depends on the size of the colon and on the way in which the two intersected parts of the colon are connected. Try to be persistent during the recovery, especially in following the doctor\'s advice, and after two months you will feel the improvement.

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