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A Common Cause of Low Self-Esteem

People who have receding or less prominent chins often are troubled by this state of affairs. Namely, their aesthetic appeal is greatly reduced this way and this influences them significantly. Moreover, more serious cases of receding chin often lead to numerous dental problems, since they influence the teeth position and arrangement. Thus people who experience this phenomenon often desire to fix it or do something that can make their jaw stronger and their chin more prominent. If you happen to be one of the people who are not blessed with a clearly visible, sharp or prominent chin, and you wish to take some action and make things better for you and your self-esteem, read on.

Reasons behind Receding Chin

There are two types of this condition. The first one takes place from the very moment of birth, being present even while the child is still in the womb. It may be caused by some development complications affecting the fetus, or some underlying conditions and syndromes may be the reasons behind it. This case mainly results in lower jaw being significantly smaller than the upper one, appearing as if it has receded. Finally, a direct trauma may lead to receding chin, where the person in question is likely to have a less prominent lower jaw bone, especially if the bone itself was hurt during the the injury.

The second case of receding chin is called an actively receding chin. It usually takes place after the adolescent period and it is quite rare. Nevertheless, it manifests through gradual reduction of the lower jaw's prominence. This may be triggered by some dental problems, arthritis which has influenced the lower jaw as well, or by some kind of operations where some parts of this bone have been removed. Finally, some joint disorders regarding the lower jaw bone, may also lead to gradual development of this phenomenon.

Possible Treatment

Logically, adequate treatment depends greatly upon the underlying cause of one's receding chin. Thus, if you are suffering from a condition of sorts and experience this problem later in life, further advancement of your receding chin can be stopped, or even possibly reversed. However, for those who were born with this problem, a surgical intervention presents the only way of correction.

There are two surgical procedures for treating congenital receding chin. One method involves the placement of intra-oral devices onto the troublesome spots. These devices stimulate further bone growth and result in chin growth and prominence as well. The second procedure involves splitting one's jawbone and moving it forward, making it more prominent and visible, correcting this phenomenon. Sometimes, if the patient has normal bone growth, but still suffers from receding chin, some other operations may be performed.

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