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Information on Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been one of the most visited touristdestinations in the world for numerous years now. A large number of foreignersconsider Costa Rica a paradise because it is very rich in nature treasures andwildlife. These are the main reasons why many think that Costa Rica is aperfect place for adventures. It is jam packed with wonderful scenery and unbelievablelandscapes. Not many people know that Costa Rica is also a very good place forall those who are into medical tourism. Numerous surveys have shown that every7th tourist actually visits Costa Rica mainly to undergo medicalcare. Most common forms of such medical care include cosmetic surgery anddental surgery.

Dental Procedures

Patients from the United States often visit Costa Ricamainly because they want to take advantage of very affordable cosmetic dentistry.Dentists in Costa Rica are all certified by their national medical associationand they are all fully trained and experienced. They have all the requiredknowledge in the latest cosmetic surgery technologies which are essential whenit comes to providing the patients with proper medical treatment. It is a goodidea to consult the Costa Rica Plastic Surgery Board before actually going toCosta Rica and undergoing any sorts of surgical procedures, because thatassociation may provide the list of all credentialed physicians and prevent theperson from opting for a non qualified doctor.

The Scenario

A person usually arrives to Costa Rica by play and stays forat least one week in order to undergo the surgery, recover from it and enjoy abit of vacation. An average stay is 7 to 10 days, which is usually enough torecuperate and enjoy all the leisure. The first days are commonly spentsightseeing. The dentistry usually comes next. The period of convalescence usuallyinvolves some more sightseeing and relaxing trips. The most important fact isthat dentistry may be up to 50 percent cheaper than in the United States. Theprocedures worth 3000 dollars in the United States may cost somewhere around750 dollars in Costa Rica. There are various medical tourism providers whichoffer different packages which may include fertility treatments, gastricsurgery, plastic surgery or dental implants, all accompanied by a personalizedassistant, hotel accommodation, medicines, nursing care and complimentaryconsultation. The number of such agencies is rapidly growing in the UnitedStates, as there are more and more people who seek for affordable medicalprocedures.

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