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Puncture of the Eardrum

This text will talk about the problem of the fracture of the very thin membranous structure located between the middle ear and the inner ear, and separating the ear canal from them. There are many organs located in the human ear that are very delicate and complicated, but most of the people do not know this information. There are three parts of the human ear and they are inner ear, middle ear and outer ear, which include ear canal and visible area of the ear, or pinna. All of these parts are involved in the process of hearing and if some of them gets damaged, the hearing may be impaired. In the following text, read more about this issue.

First we have to explain what a punctured eardrum is. The mentioned ear canal goes from the external ear and moves to the inner ear, ending at the eardrum. This membrane is also known by the names of myrinx, tympanum and tympanic membrane. Three layers make the eardrum and the transfer of the sound waves is its responsibility. Also, the infections can harm the ear and this is something that the ear drum prevents. We can say that the eardrum is very important and it may be the most important part of the human ear. There are some problems that can affect the eardrum and one of them is punctured eardrum.

Symptoms and Causes

The eardrum can be torn or have a hole. Some of problems that this condition causes are severe or mild ear pain, which may go away once the drainage starts, spinning sensation and ringing in the ear. The problems experienced depend on the severity of the problem and so is the case with hearing loss symptom. Some of the common causes of the punctured eardrum are membrane injury, due to the use of cleaning Q-tips (which is very common cause), slapping of the ear or some of the regions, such as cheeks, fracture, or injury of the skull and loud explosion. The problem may also be caused by the ear infections, and when this happens, the inner ear gathers fluid, which leads to the increased ear pressure and eventually to the eardrum fracture. Know that this problem may need to be treated because there may be some complications if treatment is not conducted. In some cases, the loss of hearing may be induced. If the problem is mild, antibiotics and painkillers are given, but in most cases the problem goes away without any treatment. The problem may be eliminated with the ear patch that closes the eardrum. Visit the doctor if you experience any of the symptoms we have mentioned.

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