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Eat Plants, Not Animals!

Vegetarianism has always been a subjectof great dispute. Namely, there are people who judge vegetarians,claiming how they are only a part of a temporal trend, or saying thatthe human body is physically incapable of living on a diet withoutmeat. Surely, there are many other people who have arguments againstvegetarianism. Regardless, more and more people are becoming aware ofthemselves and the world around them and ever-increasing number ofpeople are turning vegetarian.

People stop eating meat and animalproducts for various different reasons. Some do it because of theirbody, wanting to stay fit by avoiding fat through not eating meat atall. Others do it for their beliefs and for the cause of preventinganimal slaughter for our personal nutrition. There are many otherreasons behind this lifestyle decision. Moreover, there are manydifferent types of vegetarianism to begin with.

All in all, this is quite acontroversial subject, and there will always be pros and cons oncevegetarianism is concerned. Thus, read on to find out the most commonones.

Vegetarian, Yes or No?

Most of our cholesterol comes from theanimal meat we eat. Therefore, once we stop consuming animals andtheir products, we are likely to have a healthier diet. Therefore,naturally, vegetarian lifestyle is a healthier one for us to lead.Kidney stones, gallstones, diabetes and many other diseases can beprevented through this nutritional change.

Furthermore, once you are a vegetarian,you are likely to eat more fruits and vegetables. This will grant youmore vitamins and minerals in your system, making you far moreresistant to various diseases, including the development of cancer.Additionally, your teeth, hair and skin will be healthier throughthis kind of diet.

Unfortunately, many do becomevegetarian for fashion, religion or politics, neglecting the healthbehind the process. Of course, beliefs are important, but so is yourhealth. Therefore, once you become a vegetarian, do not go overboardwith milk, eggs and dairy products. In fact, true vegetarians are noteven supposed to eat these things.

Vegans, who do not eat anything ofanimal origin, find it very hard to generate vitamin B12, making manyof them suffer from anemia.

Finally, our healthy fat, which is richin vitamins, is received through the consumption of animal flesh.Therefore, if we are only eating vegetables and fruits, we are unableto have this nutrient rich fat in our organism's reserves.

All in all, a balanced diet,predominantly being vegetarian is the best possible choice. Extremes,in both cases, can be dangerous for your health.

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