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Fertility tests are usually associated with a negative anticipation in a doctor’s office, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Here we will discuss about fertility tests that can be done at home. Today we have an option to do fertility tests all by ourselves and without leaving our homes. This way we can avoid a visit to the doctor and all the stress related. We will help you learn how to use fertility tests at home in a proper manner so that you can get results that are reliable.

Instructions for fertility tests

You need to know what fertility test you need in order to purchase the right one. There are tests made only for men, but there are also those that are for both men and women. This is why you have to know what test you need, and in case you need the one that is for both men and women, there is a very reliable one that is available on the market. The results are accurate in 97% of cases when it comes to men, and 99% in women. That is why we can say that these tests are not less reliable than those done at the clinic.

Fertility test for men

These kits usually have cups where you should put your sperm in. You will also find a dropper in the kit and with the help of this dropper put your sperm in a test cassette. After doing this, you should be patient for 15 minutes and when this time passes, you can add a blue solution in the cassette. After this, you will notice that your sperm changes its color. The color can be blue or light blue and these colors mean different things. When your sperm is colored in blue, you have enough sperm to fertilize the egg. On the other hand, if the color is light blue, you may have problems with low sperm count, and in these cases, you should seek for professional help.

Fertility test for women

When it comes to women, the fertility is determined by the level of FSH or follicle stimulating hormones, which is why the fertility tests for women are made to detect the levels of this hormone. On the third day of your menstruation, take the first urine and put the absorbent tip in the steam of your urine, holding it there for ten seconds minimum. After half an hour, the results will appear, and by the lines that occur, you will be able to see if you are fertile or not. However, if your test shows that your FSH level is too low, you should repeat the test. If you get two negative results, you should seek for medical help. Be sure to perform tests exactly as it is written in the instruction.

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