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Pregnancy sure does come with a lot of symptoms! Some of them are not unpleasant or painful, but are simply confusing. When you have no idea if what you are going through is normal or not, it is easy to become worried. Of course, when you are concerned about anything you feel in pregnancy, contacting your doctor or midwife is quite acceptable! Doctors and midwives are definitely used to these kind of questions. But books, the internet, and other mothers can also help you determine whether what you are experiencing is normal. In the case of pregnancy cramps, we can tell you that you have nothing to worry about!

Cramping and lower abdominal pain are very common during the first trimester, and tend to come back later in pregnancy. Unless they are unbearable or you have other symptoms such as bleeding, cramping is nothing to be concerned about. As we have discussed in earlier articles, pregnancy cramps signify that your uterus is growing, and your body is working hard to keep up with your baby. Is cramping something you should just put up with, or is there anything you can do to cure pregnancy cramps? My advice is to relax and take things slow when you have a lot of cramps. Some women do take over the counter pain killers to combat pregnancy cramps, but I would advise against this because over the counter pain relief does put a strain on your liver, if you use them in large quantities.

Pregnancy cramping is normal, and not an illness, so I think pain killers are not really needed. Not taking pain killers also means that you can follow the situation, and alert your doctor or midwife if the cramps get any worse. Some women find that upping their fluid intake helps with cramps. Having a warm (but not hot!) bath can also give you some relief from pregnancy cramps. Some studies show that cramps can worsen with sexual intercourse, so abstaining from sex while you are suffering from cramps is also a good idea.

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