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Having a baby is quite an event! Not only does your life change with the addition of a little one (whether it's your first or tenth!), but most new mothers feel physically rough and exhausted after giving birth. Whether you have delivered vaginally or by cesarean section, you'll need some time to recover from giving birth!

But the house will still get dirty, cooking will need to be done, and babies produce quite a bit of laundry and other assorted messes. Can you do housework during the postpartum phase?

In theory, I am all for not doing any housework during the first couple of weeks with your new baby. Vigorous physical activity (which can happen during a cleaning session) can be hard on your body, especially if you had a c-section or vaginal tears. Newborns bring sleepless nights that make us more tired during the day, and cooking with a baby can be a challenge if she keeps needing your attention.

It's only fair to say that your partner (if you have one), who has not given birth, should do more than his share of the housework. It is also great if relatives and friends can come over to help you out, and even better if you can hire a professional cleaner! Having said that, I (who hates housework!) know it can be hard to not do anything.

If you are already at home most of the day, you may even be bored and want to do lots of cleaning while your baby naps. Go for it, in that case, but be gentle on your body and take breaks. There is nothing wrong with reading a good book while you nurse your baby, and calling a laundry service to get rid of those heaps of baby clothes and cloth diapers, if you use those.

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