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Recovering from childbirth and pregnancy, some say, takes about nine months. And being pregnant while having a small baby to care for can be hard. Yet, there are plenty of women who get pregnant right after giving birth. Sometimes, they plan for this, while others experience an unplanned pregnancy. Perhaps the largest question is how to get through your pregnancy (and all the pregnancy signs that accompany it) while being a good parent to your baby. But there are also medical concerns about this type of pregnancy, particularly in cases where a woman gave birth by cesarean section, only to find they are expecting a baby again. So, what practical and emotional steps can you take if you are pregnant, right after having a baby?

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Bonding with your new baby and already having a new one may be challenging if you are feeling nauseous, tired, and have other unpleasant pregnancy signs. The last thing you need is all the responsibility for house work, cooking, and working. "Help" comes in two ways. First, your partner and others may be able to help you with practical things. Second, you need someone to share things with a friend, or a counselor. Talk to your doctor about medical implications. Don't worry too much, but do talk about risks, especially if you had a c-section. There are many positive things about having babies really close together which is why you may have planned your pregnancy! Don't forget them! You'll still have baby clothes, your babies will probably grow up to be good buddies, and you will have the years that are seen as the "hard years" out the way at once. Don't worry about carrying your baby while you are pregnant, unless your doctor tells you otherwise, for specific medical reasons. Many women avoid carrying their older children during pregnancy, but that is not generally necessary.

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