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What is the medial meniscus?

Meniscus is rather elastic tissue, which is located on the internal side of the joint of the knee. This is very common site of the injury since there are a lot of the leg movements that include the twisting to some extent. Also, the function of meniscus is to amortize the pressure all around the knee and to give the support to the whole joint. Having that in mind, it could be concluded that the pain and the injuries related to meniscus are very frequent, especially among the sportsmen. For example, when it is hurt, and thus not in use, this could be the trigger of the development of osteoarthritis.How to deal with the pain?

Nevertheless, the most serious injury of a meniscus is the rupture and there are a few types of it. Since the meniscus in the younger people is more flexible and elastic, the injury of it is (the torn meniscus), most commonly, the consequence of some sudden and forceful twist, while, on the other hand, among the elderly individuals, the tear is the inevitable consequence of the meniscus being damaged through the time. That way, it becomes more rigid and the injury is likely to happen after any movement that includes the motion of the knee, never mind if it is mild or forceful.

Anyway, the most prominent following trouble of the injury is the constant pain which aggravates and becomes stabbing and harsh when using the knee.In some more serious cases, this kind of injury usually interferes with the simple daily activities, by disabling the stepping on the affected leg. This pain is positioned mostly over the meniscus itself, but it is also often extended over the whole joint. Besides the pain, which can be really unbearable, some other associated problems may occur, such as the lockup of the joint (which is manifested by not being able to extend the leg totally), or the swelling over the affected spot.

This condition should be treated immediately, since the friction of the displaced parts of meniscus with the knee joint may lead to some more severe damage to the knee. This could also happen if the swelling isn’t reduced for a long time.

Unfortunately, there are some cases when this injury shows no symptoms and gradually advances through the time, and for this underlying condition more useful is the chiropractic approach than the conventional treatment. The latter of the two is, actually, the surgical procedure and it most usually includes replacing or connecting the parts of the meniscus, or placing the implant made from collagen, and the popular Dr. Grisanti is one of the best surgeons for this kind of the problem.

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