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We will talk about some of the most common causes for problem with heel pain. This problem is very widespread, and if you are having this problem, consults your doctor, who will diagnose it, so you can start a proper treatment for your heel pain. As we have said, we will talk about some of the most common causes. Here are the most common ones:

Heel spur. One of the most common causes for this problem is planter fasciitis, which is usually felt for a long time.Stress fractures. This problem can occur among athletes but it is very rare.Plantar fasciitis. When arch of the foot's soft tissue gets inflamed and irritated, this condition occurs. This condition induced heel pain.Tarsal tunnel syndrome. Entrapment of the nerve located in the back of the foot is responsible for the creation of this condition, which also causes heel pain.Posterior heel pain. Problems, like pain, are experienced behind the foot when this condition is experienced.


What kind of the pain requires a visit the doctor? It is always a good time to visit a doctor, no matter how insignificant the symptoms may seem. Doctor will give a proper diagnose and a proper treatment. This is very important since there are many causes of this condition, so you have to treat the one causing the problem. But if you are experiencing infection signs, night heel pain, walking problems, foot discoloration and swelling, persisting pain and other symptoms which are strange to you, you will need a medical attention.


Next we will talk about the treatment. As we have mentioned several times, the treatment will depend on the diagnosis, because every problem has a different treatment. Before taking up any treatment, get familiar with your problem. You will have to monitor and realize what your exact problems are. Only if you do this, you can diagnose the problem on your own. But if this cannot be done, we advise you to go to the professional for advice. They will certainly make a proper diagnosis and help you get rid of this troubling pain. We will state a few available treatments, but remember that not all heel pains can be treated with them. If the pain presents, the first thing you will have to do is to try to get a lot of rest. Activities like running will have to wait for a few days. Then, you will need to put ice packs on the affected location. You can use some anti-inflammatory medications and shoe inserts, since they may reduce the pain. Also, some exercises, along with stretching can be very beneficial.

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