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About Prader-Willi syndrome

Many mental, behavioral, andphysical problems are brought upon a man if he suffers from Prader-Willisyndrome, because this rare condition provokes a constant hunger. Thiscondition is the reason why patients cannot control the weight, which leads toobesity and many other complications. The problem can be seen after a year oflife, and if this happens, a doctor has to be visited in order to see ifsymptoms and complications can be decreased.

Symptoms of Prader-Willi syndrome

We can divide the symptoms in twoparts, of which the first occurs during the infancy. During this period babycan suffer from some facial problems such as temple head narrowing, almondshape eyes, thin upper lip and turned-down mouth. Baby will also have poormuscle tone, and elbows and knees will be loose. Babies also have lack of eyecoordination, poor responsiveness and poor sucking properties. When the childenters the first year of life, the condition changes. During the period fromfirst to sixth year of life, the child will develop symptoms that will remainuntil the end. The first symptom is the everlasting hunger and gaining weight.Because of improper production of sex hormones, sex organs remain undeveloped.Children will also have problems with growth and physical development. Lowmuscle mass is another problem patients of Prader-Willi syndrome experience,and mental problems are possible as well, ranging from mild to moderate.Development of motor abilities will be extended, while problems with speech arealso present. Patients will experience abnormal curvature of the spine,sleeping problems and problems with behavior. There are other symptoms that achild who suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome will experience, such as toleranceof high levels of pain, picking of the skin and nearsightedness. When we talkabout the visit to the doctor, problems that are displayed in the early stagescan be detected. Those are poor sucking ability, thrive failure and poor muscletone. Bring your child to the doctor if the child cannot wake up easy, does notrespond to touch, has rag doll limbs or suffers from feeding problems. For abit older children problems like strange craving for food, abnormal hunger andextreme weight gain are signs for the visit to the professional.

Complications of Prader-Willi syndrome

Since the patients have poormuscle tone and they gain weight, complications usually arise from thoseproblems. Type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease, sleep apnea and arthritisare some of the possible complications. When sex organs do not produce enoughsex hormones, a condition called hypogonadism is created. Problems which mayarise because of this condition include sterility and osteoporosis. Brittle andweak bones are created by the condition named osteoporosis.

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