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Buck Teeth

Buck teeth is a term that is used for protrusion of teeth. Some people may suffer from protrusion of upper teeth, some may experience protrusion of lower teeth while there are even people who have to deal with protrusion of both, upper and lower teeth. This condition can be rather embarrassing particularly to children and teenagers. The teeth may protrude too intensively and they may not allow lips to close completely so, the mouth remains open.

Buck teeth are not only aesthetic problem. They also make people more susceptible to trauma. Mouth breathing, which typically occurs in high level of protrusion, is another consequence of buck teeth. And finally, in most extreme cases people who are suffering from teeth protrusion may have difficulties with eating and chewing.

This condition is most commonly treated with orthodontic braces but, fortunately, there are several more treatment modalities which may fix the problem.

Buck Teeth Correction

The first option for correction of buck teeth is orthodontic treatment. This treatment modality has been used for a long time. It involves application of braces. Braces are placed on the affected teeth. They are connected by wires. The wires are occasionally tightened and this is what eventually leads to movement of the teeth backwards. Many people are not so attracted to this treatment modality because it is not very appealing. No matter how modern the braces are, they do not usually look nice.

Another option for buck teeth is invisalign buck teeth correction. Patients are due to wear clear plastic Removable aligners. One set of aligners is supposed to be worn for certain period of time and it is then replaced with a new, tighter one. Removable aligners can be easily taken out of mouth while eating, flossing and brushing teeth. This is why they are more convenient comparing to classic metallic braces. Still, aligners need to be worn for a longer period of time.

There is one more option and it is the most convenient for adults. Lingual braces are an excellent choice for all those whose job requires a lot of communication and conversation. These are also metallic braces but they are placed on the lingual side of the teeth. They require exceptional oral and dental hygiene.

Surgical repair is only reserved for people who are suffering from protrusion of the maxilla. Protrusion of teeth can be simply dealt with braces, but protrusion of the maxilla is a little more complex. This abnormality can be successfully operated by simple orthogenetic surgery.

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