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Now that invitro fertilization is almost commonplace, triplets and even higher order multiples are not all that unusual anymore. But the same could not be said for 1925, when triplets Emmalee, Elnora and Eloise Rose were born... on a farm in West Virginia. These amazing triplets just celebrated their 86th birthday! One might wonder how these triplets came about, well before the advent of fertility treatments. Obviously, Emmalee, Elnora and Eloise's parents never had to deal with that awkward question "did you get them through IVF?", but the triplets were certainly very interesting to many in their locality.

Emmalee Denbo (her married name) told the Jackon Citizen Patriot newspaper: "For all I know, we might have been the first triplets ever born in West Virginia. I know people came from all over to see us, and some gave dad money." That money must have been very welcome, because when the triplets arrived at the family's farm, there were already 11 children and they were sharing beds by fours! Elnora Elmer (also her married name) said: "There were four girls to a straw tick bed, and we had no electricity. We lived like the Amish, but I think the Amish had more food than we did." All the triplets were married, one at only 15, and all have been widowed now. They came to Jackson from their farm and worked to make fighter planes during the Second World War.

Now, the sisters are best friends and go out all the time together, something that attracts curious minds all the time. Helmer said: "We just try to be relaxed, be ourselves and not put on a front or try to outdo everyone else. We just keep busy and love our family." What a lovely story, right? Congratulations to these extraordinary triplets! You may like to read our previous article, Indian woman has triplets at 66! as well.

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