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A tragic story about a woman who had IVF treatment but was implanted with embryos from another woman with the same surname was in the news today. A prestigious and popular Connecticut fertility center made this terrible mistake, which they found out about shortly after they implanted the embryos. When the fertility clinic informed the patient, she opted to take the morning-after pill to prevent pregnancy.

Everyone who has ever heard about IVF knows that such mix-ups can and do happen, but it still shocking to hear about real cases of embryos implanted into the wrong people. I am sure that nobody is as shocked as the families involved though. How do you think you would feel if you found out that you were pregnant with someone else's child, or that another woman was expecting your baby? Sadly, this is not a soap series, but real life.

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services, the clinic that made the mistake, has now been ordered to pay a $3,000 fine. I am not sure if that is enough to compensate for a lost embryo and the emotional distress everyone involved went through. It s funny to hear how the mistake came about in an extremely careless manner. The clinic admitted that the lab technician looked at the surname on the container, and simply took the wrong eggs out of frozen storage. Human error is of course present in any field that employs humans, but a lab tech should surely have been aware that there was a possibility there might be two patients with the same surname? In any case, I feel very sorry for everyone involved in this situation, and I hope that this case will force other fertility clinics to step up their security measures to prevent anything like this from happening again. What are your opinions?

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