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One of the most important things to know about any birth control is how effective it is. NuvaRing is a flexible, hormone emitting ring that is worn inside the vagina for three weeks, followed by a week-long break. It is similar to the birth control pill in many ways. But, how well does NuvaRing perform?

It's often said that the pill is not all that effective. There is no shortage of stories from women who got pregnant on the pill. But, what is it about the pill that is not effective? Very often, it is the way in which the pill is used. Women who don't take the pill at the same time each day and who forget it altogether some days are quite likely to find that their chosen method of birth control failed them. Those who take it as directed will find it extremely effective 99 percent effective.

NuvaRing allows for fewer slip ups from its users, but NuvaRing effectiveness will still depend on the manner in which a woman uses it. As with the pill, NuvaRing's manufacturer Organon reports that the vaginal ring is over 99 percent effective with "proper use". With "typical use", though, that goes down to 92 percent. What does that mean with the NuvaRing?

It doesn't require daily attention, after all so what could possibly go wrong? Women who don't leave the NuvaRing in place for three weeks are more likely to encounter failure of this contraceptive. Those who do not take it out and honor the "stop week" after three weeks are also more likely to get pregnant.

And, while the ring is supposed to remain in place solidly, it is very apparent that women who "lost" the ring will not find it effective. Ladies, check whether this device is still in place regularly if you want to make sure you are protected from unwanted pregnancies. Are you thinking about getting NuvaRing? Also check out our info about NuvaRing side effects!

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