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The Nuvaring is a hormonal contraceptive with a twist it is a plastic, flexible ring which is inserted into the vagina, where it stays for three weeks at the time. The concentration of hormones is lower than with the birth control pill, and many women report fewer side effects than with the pill for that reason. But that doesn't mean there are no Nuvaring side effects. The possible adverse reactions are much the same as with other hormonal contraceptives. Think weight gain, skin problems, and nausea. But there can be side effects for men whose partner has a Nuvaring, too!

On the harmless end of the spectrum, some men report that they can feel Nuvaring during intercourse. Many of these men add that this is not something they mind much, but it is worth knowing about the possibility of feeling the ring in advance. Others have had severe allergic reactions to Nuvaring. Symptoms include a red and very itchy foreskin in intact (uncircumcised) men, a red penis, swelling, and peeling skin. A lesser number of men also has a burning feeling while urinating. Such sensations are certainly unpleasant and cancel out the benefits of preventing unwanted pregnancy for many.

If you or your partner experience a reaction like this to the Nuvaring, taking the ring out or discontinuing intercourse while you search for other birth control options is the solution. Although the symptoms almost always go away after the man stops having contact with the Nuvaring, you should of course feel free to seek medical attention if you are at all worried, or feel the need for symptom relief. We didn't hear about any cases where a male allergic reaction to Nuvaring caused permanent damage, so it might help you to know that your symptoms are annoying, but extremely unlikely to be serious.

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