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No man, besides the now-famous Thomas Beatie the female to male trans sexual has ever known what pregnancy really feels like. Until now, that is. A new pregnancy-simulating dress created by Takuya Iwamoto from Japan will allow men to really feel what it is like to be pregnant. This is not your average "big plastic pregnancy belly"; the new dress is high tech! What does the Japanese pregnancy simulator, designed by an employee of the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have?

Well, it simulates the weight, as well as temperature, fetal movement and even the baby's heartbeat. It can simulate any stage of pregnancy by pumping in water at the same temperature a real baby would have, and has balloons, which blow up and deflate again to mimic fetal movement. Special points in the dress even simulate squirming. And that's not all a computer that can be hooked up to the pregnancy suit enables the men (and perhaps women, too!) who want to know what it is like to be pregnant to see the electronic fetus, and its reactions to physical movement, and abdominal prodding.

The user of the dress can either experience all nine months of pregnancy in a short amount of time, or they can wear the contraption for a longer period of time. What is the point of a suit like this? Some men are really curious what it is like to be pregnant, and many women would love their partners to have at least some idea as to what they are going through. Perhaps it would be a good thing for women who are trying to get pregnant to find out more as well. And actually, this suit just sounds like a lot of fun! Somehow, it is not at all surprising that it came from Japan.

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