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Lately, people seem to have grown tired of being lied to by institutions. Namely, even though we cannot see or hear any of the conversations and business meetings taking place behind the closed doors of the multinational pharmacological companies, we seem to have understood that nothing these people and organizations do is for our benefit.

Are We Being Lied To?

The latest sham, as conspiracy theorists enjoy noticing, is the swine flu. Namely, numerous drug business megalomaniacs have suddenly developed vaccines with billions of these in stock as soon as the virus appeared. However, this is too convenient not to be suspicious. The vaccines, therefore, seem to have been made a year before the onset of the new, supposedly never seen before virus.

As soon as the whole swine flu matter reached the media, the governments of many countries announced that buying and taking the vaccine is obligatory for all citizens, newborn, young or adults since the flu is spreading incredibly fast, threatening to reach proportions of an epidemic the world has never seen before. We were told that the sooner we buy and take the vaccine, the faster we will contribute to the cessation of the deadly virus epidemics.

Fighting Flu with Guns?

Certain countries announced mobilization of armed forces in order to keep the virus epidemics under control. Basically, the troops were supposed to keep the panicking people safe, informing them about the virus and suggesting optimal treatments gently. However, another assignment of the armed forces was to let people know that the vaccination is obligatory and that, unless they yield, there might be trouble, army style, with tear gas and tranquilizer guns.

Politicians of many countries were all first to take the vaccine publicly, promoting it to the rest of the population.

Seriously, Are We Being Lied To?

As the whole swine flu vaccine got examined by the public eye, people stumbled across data that vaccines may be having dangerous side-effects. Yet, these claims were denied by the governing bigwigs.

Nevertheless, today, a year or two after the big swine flu threatening to wipe the human population off the face of the earth, we live and create, undisturbed. A vast majority of people refused to take vaccines. For all we know, some of the claims about the ingredients may have been true. Again, conspiracy theorists have found out that the vaccine was made of artificial tan, giraffe brain slices, stale cheese, paint thinner, dyes and flavorings, dog nail clippings, armadillo blood, bison brain etc. Even though this list is as suspicious as the existence of the swine flu virus itself, lies are certainly the most common infection of the modern times.

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