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The Bird Flu

The bird flu, or, also called, avianflu or a virus subtype H5N1 was, and still is a medial obsessionwhich reached its peak several years ago.

Namely, it started around 2003 inAsia, where it began spreading from poultry and birds, killing manyof these animals. Later on, during the onset of an epidemic and evena pandemic, it started affecting human beings, supposedly killingseveral dozens of people worldwide.

Yet, the mystery behind it remained.The public was notified that the birds are dying for unknown reasonsand that, if a virus is causing it, the flying birds could transferthe virus all over the world, creating a new-world's plague, thelikes of which we have never seen before.

For this purpose, vaccines weredeveloped and administered to many members of the developedcountries. However, developing countries had nothing else to do butslaughter their only source of food and income, their poultry.Throughout Asia, incredible numbers of these animals were quarantinedand killed, in order to stop the virus from spreading.

Still, during the greatest fright ofthe epidemic and all the predictions of the dooms day of humanity,the whole global panic stopped suddenly. What kind of mysteries leadto this sudden cessation and lack of interest, we know not. Yet, wewere given some clues through various pleads for money the medicalindustry expressed during the onset of this “campaign”.

Money or Health?

During the onset of the theory of thebird flu up to the year of 2008, governments invested incredibleamounts of money in order to support the development of themedication necessary for suppressing this deadly virus. Moreover, inmany countries, the vaccines were sold for quite a price. Thus, oncemore in the course of the human existence, we are left to believe thathealth was used for profit. The collateral damage was enormous, thenumber of slaughtered animals due to the paranoia exceeded alllogical explanations. Still, the emphasis upon the dangers of thisvirus remained emitted throughout the media.

In times of trouble, when humanity issupposedly at stake, we may think that money has no value over thehealth of many nations and the world. Sadly, we were proven theopposite. Thus, we are to choose whether to believe everything thehealth industry says, or beg to differ. After all, once the birdflu was out of the picture, swine flu suddenly appeared, wreakinghavoc upon the world. New vaccines were out for sales to all thedeveloping countries, forcing them deeper into debt. We are stillalive, waiting for the next virus to be invented.

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