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Doctors who practice naturopathy, a form of medicine that uses our body’s natural healing abilities, are known as naturopathic doctors. These doctors look to combine modern medicine with traditional curative means. The idea behind naturopathy is to provide the body with natural, non-toxic substances in order to improve health. This should help us to avoid any potential side-effects that might be caused by modern medicine. Salaries will vary from doctor to doctor, as with all other forms of medicine. It may also depend on the approach to healing that is adopted by the doctor.


Naturopathic attempt to focus on the health of the whole body rather than one particular affected area. They will take into account environmental factors and psyche of the individual, both of which might have an affect on the health of a patient. The primary idea behind naturopathy will be to prevent illness rather than focusing on treating illness when it may arise. In the eyes of naturopathic doctors, the primary causes of illness are inadequate exercise, sleep or rest, stress, deficiencies in the diet, allergic reaction and side-effects of other drugs or chemicals.

Qualification and Salary

In order to qualify as a practicing naturopathic doctor, it is necessary to under seven years of education. This includes three years of pre-med at university, as well as four years attending a Doctor of Naturopathy program. A doctor might choose also to specialize in a certain area. The more qualified a doctor, the higher a salary he or she will command.

Should a doctor intend to begin practicing naturopathy, it will require hard work on his or her part. It is important to build up a good reputation among patients and potential patients, particularly those in the immediate community. For naturopathic doctors, the average salary is about $80,000 per year. Some doctors might earn as much as double that each year. However, there are some who might take in as little as $20,000 every year. Salary will also depend on other factors, such as the cost of maintaining a clinic. If a doctor is particularly specialised, this may lead to a higher salary. Additionally, the more experience a doctor has, the higher a salary he or she will draw in.

Generally, naturopathy is a profession chosen by those who have a particular passion or interest in the area. Often, for those involved in this area of the industry, it will be for reasons of job satisfaction, not merely for the handsome salary such a job usually brings.

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