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The symptoms of this problem are not difficult to be eliminated, which is not what we can say for the virus that causes the problem, particularly once it reaches the nerve cells. This is maybe the most common problem of all sexually transmitted diseases. There are two types of the herpes simplex virus, which causes this problem and they are HSV-1 and HSV-2. The HSV-2 is the virus that causes most of the genital herpes problems and can be present in thighs, buttocks, urethra, vagina, anus, cervix and any reproductive part of the human body. The most common problems this condition develops are fatigue, headache, swelling of the lymph gland nodes, high fever, muscle pain, and other discomforting problems. Once the nerve cells are infected, the virus stays dormant in the nerve cells nucleus and when the situation becomes favorable for the replication, the virus becomes active. This makes the danger of this virus great and the treatment difficult to be conducted, but the symptoms may be eliminated, as we have said earlier.


The outbreak needs to be followed with the treatment in order for it to be successful. The length of the outbreak is something treatment tries to reduce. Antiviral medications are given at the beginning of the treatment and they will make healing faster, reduce the chances of another outbreak and relieve the symptoms. You can also use painkillers, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Fetus may sometimes receive the HSV virus if the mother has it, but if this happens, the doctor must be seen so the proper treatment may start.

Home Remedies

Genital region must be clean, so it may not be a bad idea to use cotton undergarments. This is very important since the blisters and sores will heal faster if this is done. You can soak yourself in a mix of one cup of cornstarch and 2-3 cups of baking soda for 10 minutes every day. Remember to take a bath with regular warm water after this treatment. Cimetidine is a nonprescription medication that will help your immune system and the healing process. You can also apply ice pack for 10 to 15 minutes two times during the day. Food with high levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids, like fish, is a good idea, since it will fight the viral infections and make the cellular membranes stronger. You can use lactoferrin, glucan, beta 1, thymic protein A and coconut oil for applying on the affected region. The swelling and the pain can be reduced if a moist tea bag is placed on the location for 5-10 minutes. Also consume a lot of minerals and vitamins, such as zinc and vitamins A and C, eat food with low levels of arginine and high with lysine, try to avoid stress as much as you can, and use oral proteolytic enzymes since they can reduce the time and seriousness of the outbreaks. These are some of the home remedies that can help with the problem of genital herpes, but it is always best to visit the professional, who will always know what to do.

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