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Low thyroid in men

The thyroid gland is one of the most important glands in the human organism. It is vital because it produces hormones that regulate the proper functioning of many systems in the body. In the case when the thyroid gland does not produce enough amounts of these hormones because of various reasons, the person suffers from low thyroid, which is also called hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a condition that is characteristic in males as well as in females, although hypothyroidism in men is slightly different.

Causes of low thyroid in men

There are several reasons for the occurrence of low thyroid in men and stress in one of them. The most important hormone of the thyroid gland is hormone T4, which is subsequently transformed into hormone T3. When a man is stressed, hormone T4 is less transformed into T3 and therefore, low thyroid occurs. Other causes for the appearance of low thyroid in men are insufficient vitamin A, mineral selenium and iodine. Furthermore, Hashimoto’s disease is also one of the reasons for the incidence of low thyroid. This disease is typically caused by the body’s weak immune system, and thus the thyroid gland is attacked by all the antibodies in the body. To diagnose low thyroid, the blood test must be done. In the results of the blood test, there must be thyroid-stimulating hormone in order to diagnose this condition.

Symptoms of low thyroid in men

The symptoms of low thyroid in men are various and numerous, and one symptom does not mean that the person is affected. This means that several symptoms should be identified in order to suspect of low thyroid. One of the main symptoms of low thyroid in men is low metabolism, which is accompanied by tiredness and fatigue. Low metabolism also means gaining of the body weight. Another sign of low thyroid in men is depression, but this symptom is usually ignored in men because they, in the majority of cases, would not accept the fact that they are depresses like women.

Low production of sperm, which ultimately leads to infertility, is also one of the symptoms of low thyroid in men. Moreover, testosterone levels may be affected and this may cause decreased sexual interest in men. Other symptoms of low thyroid in men include joint and muscle pain, because of the decreased strength induced by low metabolism and hair and skin problems. The appearance of dry and flaky skin or even pale skin is typical in those men with low thyroid. Moreover, brittle nails and pattern baldness may also occur.

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