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There is a nasty little balance disorder known as vertigo. Imagine having a Hitchcock’s experience on the top of a towel and James Stuart saving you at the end? Yes, we all have seen glorious film called Vertigo. Mind you, vertigo is not just a Hollywood glorification of a medical condition, and it can seriously interfere in your life.

Symptoms and Causes

But this is not a disease: it is a symptom for other medical conditions. Vertigo is spinning experience, when equilibrium is disturbed. A sensation of moving object is called a subjective vertigo, and if movement occurs by environment, it is an objective vertigo. If person has disturbed posterior semicircular canal that is located inside of ear, it is a condition known as vestibular labyrinth of the ear. The condition hits more women then men.

But to translate medical expressions vertigo patients suffer from sensation of spinning, which makes them to lose balance and vomit during the attack. If the vestibular system makes us notice and focus on object, even when the body moves, vertigo condition can disturb our focus. But this is how it works: signals are sent to the labyrinth and tiny little apparatus located in inner ear fills with fluids.

Then the information about movement moves to the vestibular nerves that are carrying on the signal to cerebellum in brain. Vertigo displaces signal, which further on makes a sensation of dizziness.

The dizziness can not take a control in your life, and living a healthy life makes a final decision. So take a step ahead and check for possible causes of vertigo. The usual causes of balance disorder vertigo are: sickness while moving, anemia, bad vision, high cholesterol levels, too high blood pressure, diabetes, lack of calcium, calcium carbonate crystals inside of inner ear, ear infection, head injuries, heart disease, lack oxygen in the brain, thyroid disease, brain tumor etc.

Natural Treatment

In medical practice doctor issues anti-Vertigo medications,but there are natural treatments that can reduce Vertigo condition such as:

a good night sleep,a hydratation with a tablespoon of coriander seeds, mixed with water, then drained and taken in the morning, along with black pepper, salt and lemon juice,avoiding sudden jerky movements,a simple breathing or meditation during a vertigo attack, to cut down the sensation,healthy diet with no sodium and sugar and with essential vitamins and minerals,to focus on a stationary object or static point during the attack.try chiropractic therapies,try Brandt-Daroff technique,try Ginkgo Biloba herb, a Chinese traditional medicine.
Natural treatments are helpful in such cases.

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