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Introduction and definition

Dementia mainly stands for a type of braincell damage making an individual unable to function properly in the terms of social skills body movements and coordination memory and cognitive skills and linguistic abilities and capabilities as well as creativity.

Different conditions and theirmanifestations

One of the most common cases of dementia is the Alzheimer's disease. It manifests itself mainly through inability of orientation in space and time, forgetting the once familiar surroundings or routes thus acting confused and lost in such an environment. This condition involves forgetting and being incapable of recognizing people close to you such as family and friends along with the inability of performing once familiar activities such as cooking. Personality is also affected with this disease since the person suffering may not be successful in abstract thinking and when making decisions or criticizing certain things.

Another condition is Vascular dementia, mainly connected with hard or impossible physical movement due to brain damage, memory loss and inability to cope with linguistic competence. Also frequent urination and general mental issues accompany this disease.

Causes and preventive cures

Dementia is usually connected with older people and most often it does affect that group of humansociety.

However, it may be caused by other things besides aging. Lack of certain substances in our body such as vitamin B or some crucial nutritive elements may cause brain damage and dementia. Also underlying diseases such as Parkinson's, diabetes, vascular blockages, direct injuries or tumors may have dementia as their side-effect or a part of the condition they pose. There are many other diseases, mostly connected with the brain, which can also bring this condition with them.

There are a lot of nutritive supplements which may help with fighting or preventing this illness. However, it is crucial that the therapy is prescribed by a professional, since there might be many underlying processes and illnesses connected with dementia which may react malevolently to certain drugs, making the situation far worse for the already suffering victim of this terrible condition.

In most cases, these drugs and supplements act as blood thinners and as such they can be really dangerous if you use them with any other medications of this type.

Various antioxidants help slowing down dementia as well as stopping the process completely. The most famous of these is the coenzyme Q10.

Intake of vitamin B complex and folic acid as well are known to help fighting and preventing this condition. Zinc adds to the list of necessary elements in ourorganism.

As far as herbs are concerned, Ginkgo biloba is a world-wide known remedy for Alzheimer's disease. There is also other possible remedies but their efficiency has not been yetproven.

Homeopathy has ways of curing these conditions and may present a valuable choice as well.

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