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Description of epilepsy

Besides the social and emotional problems the epileptics experience, the greatest problem of all is, however, that epilepsy is a lifelong condition which is manifested by the very unpredictable attacks. And, not knowing the cause is also the big problem, concerning this and the similar conditions. That is, this disorder of the nervous system can be caused by the hereditary factor, or the epilepsy can be classified as the idiopathic disorder, which actually means that the trigger is unknown.

Fortunately, the trigger can be located in various brain regions and the attacks are the result of the abnormal electrical activities of the nervous endings in the brain. Anyway, also fortunately, there are some provokers which are proven to increase the likelihood of getting this disorder in those people who are already more susceptible to epilepsy. Those are, most commonly, the excessive intake of the harmful substances, such as toxins, alcohol, nicotine and the chemicals which could trigger the allergic response.

Natural remedies for epilepsy

The epileptic seizures can be classified into the two large groups, the grand mal (the general type) and the petit mal (of the milder form, without the loss of consciousness) and any of them provides a lot of stress to the organism, which is pretty much exhausted after the attack takes place. So, in order to replenish the energy and the strength of the body, it is recommendable to take only the vitamins, that is, from the fresh fruits, within the period of the first two or even three days after the seizure, especially, in the case of the generalized one.

This diet must go hand in hand with a lot of resting and some mild physical activities done outdoors, in order to boost the immune system, reduce the amount of stress, but also in order to recuperate the mental strength.

So, after the first couple of days, the less strict diet should be introduced into the lifestyle. So, one should increase the consumption of the veggies and whole grains which should be as less processed with heat as possible and the fruits and the sprouted seeds in the raw form or as the freshly squeezed juices. Of course, one must stay away from the snacks, fried food, fast food, refined sugars, saturated fats, and the other similar harmful stuff.

Additionally, as the topically intended remedies, the mud packs should be put on the abdominal area and the heated and cooled pads should be applied over the back area of the head (at that time the feet should be immersed into the hot water).

And, in the conclusion, it must be pointed out that all the remedies and the generally healthy lifestyle should be only the addition to the medical treatment with the prescribed medications, at least in the first couple of years of the treatment.

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