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Problemsregarding the functioning of adrenal gland are closely associated with anxiety.These glands are placed near the kidneys in our body and they are responsiblefor hormones that we need when we are in a dangerous situation. Also, adrenalglands produce sex hormones and if some kind of dysfunction of this glandappears, it can be the beginning of the adrenal gland disorder. Anxiety is theusual sign of adrenal gland disorder.

Whichadrenal gland disorders are connected with anxiety?

Pheochromocytoma is the condition characterized by overproduction of adrenal glandhormones. The common symptoms are increased blood pressure, anxiety, heartpalpitations, tension, sickness, sweating, etc.Addison's disease is characterized by the lackof cortisol, a hormone produced by the adrenal gland. This disease causes lowblood pressure, unlike the disease mentioned above. Addison’s disease can alsocause feeling of anxiousness and some other symptoms such as watery bowelmovements, mood swings, pain in the joints and muscles, etc. Although thiscondition is very rare, it is the first one that doctors suspect on when theanxiety is connected with adrenal gland disorders.Cushing's syndrome is a disorder where adrenal glandssecrete more corticosteroids than needed. This disorder can be the result oftumor on pituitary gland. This disease attacks women more frequently than men. Theusual symptoms are weight gain, especially on the face and back, skin that isbecoming thicker, excessive hairiness on the face, losing hair from the top ofthe head, etc. This condition can cause some psychological issues, such asdepression and anxiety.

Pituitary Adenoma

Pituitarygland is located in the brain and it is the most important gland in the bodybecause it controls all other glands. This gland is responsible for our normal growth.If a pituitary adenoma develops, the consequences can be various. First of all, the growth can be disabled, then there is a chance for person with thisdisorder to experience extreme headaches. The usual symptoms include problemswith blood pressure (hypertension or hypotension), sterility and tirednesswithout any visible reason.

Acuteadrenal failure connected with Addison’s disease can strike a person out of theblue and it causes a lot of troubles with the production of adrenal hormones.It can cause an increased level of potassium in the blood, abdominal pain, backpain or pain in the legs and the loss of consciousness. The common signs ofthis disorder are also hypotension, watery bowel movements, and throwing up.

Treatmentfor these disorders

Thetreatment depends on the exact causes of the symptoms. Basically, if there is a lack of hormones, patients go through hormone replacement therapy. If thesituation is different and the gland produces more hormones than necessary,than the situation is more difficult to handle. As you can see, anxiety ispresent in almost every adrenal gland disorder.

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