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When the cells of the bladder undergo certain mutations and begin to overgrow abnormally it leads to the forming of cancerous cells and tumor, which represents the bladder cancer. In the majority of cases, the cells of the inner lining of the bladder become cancerous. It is observed that the adults are more susceptible to develop the bladder cancer than the young.

Since the bladder symptoms are easily noticeable it is usually discovered in the early phase when it can be treated but one should know that it may recur and for that reason it is crucial to regularly check up the bladder after first successful bladder cancer treatment.Symptoms of bladder cancer

The bladder cancer symptoms are almost all associated with the problems with urination like painful and frequent urination and hematuria, which is the appearance of blood in urine. Pain in the abdomen and back, as well as urinary tract infections, are also the possible signs of the bladder cancer and therefore should not be neglected or overseen.Types of bladder cancer

Transitional cell carcinoma is the type of the bladder cancer which occurs in most cases and which affects the cells that create the inner lining of this organ. Squamous cell carcinoma occurs as the consequence of some irritation or infection and it is a very rare type of the bladder cancer. Adenocarcinoma is the type of the bladder cancer which affects the cells of the glands in the bladder which has the role to produce mucus and this type is also very rare.

Bladder cancer survival rates

How long one with diagnosed bladder cancer will live depends on the type and phase of the cancer, as well as on the general health and age of the patient. When the bladder cancer is detected at the very beginning, in 98% of the cases the survival is guaranteed for the next five years. When it is discovered in the first stage, the bladder cancer survival rate is five years in 88% of the cases while in the second stage it is five years in 63% of the cases.

The survival rate for the third stage of the bladder cancer is five years in 46% of the cases while in the forth final stage the survival rate is very small and only 15% of the cases have the chance to live for the next five years. Unfortunately, in 50 to 80% of the cases, the bladder cancer may recur even after a successful testament.

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