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Muscle Pain

Muscle pain may be caused by too much physical exercise or be a muscle cramp. Even the healthiest and strongest of athletes could suffer from muscle pain.

The current medical theory says that the cause of the muscle pain is microscopic tear of the muscle cells, which usually resolve spontaneously after a day or two. The cramps still remain a mystery, but it is believed that they weren’t caused by the injured muscles. Presumed causes are the mineral imbalance (lack of calcium, magnesium, sodium or potassium), sudden lack of water in the body, exhausting exercise or even high heels.

Supplements for Muscle Pain

When dealing with the muscle pain and cramps, doctors usually recommend increasing the intake of minerals with the food. Eating bananas will provide plenty of sodium and potassium. Use supplements or magnesium and calcium to prevent muscle cramps. These essential supplements for athletes will enable the painless contraction of the muscles and ensure the balanced levels of these minerals. The recommended daily doses are about 500mg of magnesium and 250mg of calcium. Take it every day, two times per day.

Vitamin E is also frequently suggested. Use 400IU (international units) every day to prevent the muscle pain or cramps. It is proven especially helpful for people who have these problems late at night, while sleeping. Make sure to consult your doctor about the vitamin E supplements if you are using blood thinners (anticoagulants).

Bromelain is the herbal remedy also used in these situations. This is an enzyme from the pineapple that has the anti-inflammatory effects, similar to the non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It is proven efficient in healing the damaged muscle and easing the muscle pain. 500mg of bromelain should be used three times a day.

White willow bark can also substitute the NSAIDs when necessary. It is often referred to it as the “natural Aspirin” and, like Aspirin, it has the same unwanted gastrointestinal effects. The recommended dose is one or two tablets, three times a day, to relieve the pain.

Creatine, the supplement often used to gain more muscles, can also repair the injured muscle. Use one tablespoon of creatine monohydrate powder every day.

If you have sleeping problems because of the muscle soreness, take valerian remedies. Valerian is often found as the extract, and it should be used before bedtime. Take 250 to 500mg of this extract when going to bed.

Preventing the Muscle Cramps and Pain

Always spend some time before the exercise to warm up and stretch every time after the workout.

While working out, always drink enough of water and other fluids.

Sometimes, it might be helpful to put some ice on the affected muscles.

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