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What Is Metabolism Miracle?

Basically, it is a miraculous diet created by very experienced dietitians. Namely, it concentrates on the type of metabolism a person has rather that on the body weight, shape and predisposition.

The creators of this program have beforehand noticed that the other, regular diets work well with some people, while with others they hardly have any effect. This triggered their will to find the reason for this strange situations and the results of the researches conducted were remarkable. They came to a conclusion that there is more than one type of metabolism, and that, in order to lose weight and keep the organism working correctly, one must have a diet suitable to his or her own metabolism. This breakthrough eventually gave birth to Metabolism Miracle.

How Does It Work?

As it is the case with many other popular and effective diets, this one too rests on principles on low carbohydrate intake. However, the main difference which divides this diet from all else lies somewhere else. Namely, researches have shown that people with different metabolisms than most have too much insulin produced by their body. That being proved, this diet was concentrated on leveling those amounts of insulin by altering a liver in a most positive way, since these two are responsible for the most above mentioned causes. High levels of insulin trigger high transformation of carbohydrates into fats, thus resulting in beingoverweight.

This diet, however, changes one's lifestyle and food intake so as to control these operations in one's body and level the insulin as well as fat production.

The Diet

Firstly, one indulges into an eight-week detox period, where carbohydrate intake is completely cut out. No carbohydrate means no excessive sugar, which leads to low insulin production. Only healthy fats, vegetables and fruits are allowed during this period of metabolism reset.

Afterwards, carbohydrates are again introduced gradually, but in an extremely low amounts. You may intake these in very small amounts, followed by a lot of fibers since they cost you the least energy and still do wonders for your stomach. While the first step has the goal of completely cleaning one's liver, the second gradually introduces carbohydrates and gives the liver time to get used to them. Small portions of carbohydrates are a must with every meal, and even after exercising or waking up at nights. This stage is carried out until adequate body weight is achieved.

The final stage lasts for a lifetime. Here you establish carbohydrate levels appropriate for you in order to maintain the body weight you are satisfied with. Small intake of these is crucial for every meal but larger intakes are extremely prohibited. This ensures the consistency of the body weight you are satisfied with throughout your life.

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